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We want to draw your attention to the unique possibility to go on pilgrimage in the Siberian part of Russia. There is situated a walking way of about 350 kilometers to the pilgrim place Merkushina, not far from the historical town Verkhoturye, both situated in the province Swerdlovsk, just after the Ural mountains. The Route starts in the capital Yekaterinburg.

The Route is dedicated to the local Holy Simeon of Verkhoturye. The pilgrim will get acquainted to the restricted possibilities of the Russian-Orthodox Church.

To go to Russia you need a visa. The travel agency in your town may deliver that within a month, for to go to Russia another month as a tourist. Your destination is Yekaterinburg.

the local Saint Simeon of Verkhoturye

In 2013 and all further years we hope to walk the route all-over. At July 2d at 14 o’clock we will meet each other at the before mentioned Pilgrimage office. The next day we will by a transfer go to Baltim and walk from there in northern direction. These data are sure, because also the days of memory are always the same. Our purpose is the memorial of the Holy Simeon in the Service with the Bishop in the Pilgrim place Merkushina at July 20. Every day we will meet kind people at our places for the night. Also we will visit the open air museum and the Cloister New Martyrs. Surrounded by vast fields, birds and dense river landscapes we will make our journey. There are local shops for our lunches and for additions to our hosts.

Your partnership is an extraordinary contribution to the development of this Route.

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